More About Upholstery in Ashwell

The Venue

Is the Ashwell Village Hall. We will have access to the kitchen and there are toilet facilities.

Suitable furniture to upholster.


It depends upon a few things and I will try to guide you here.


Firstly no Sofas! They are simply too big

Armchairs and wing chairs are generally unsuitable too unless the arms are bare wood and you confident or experienced.

Bear in mind that this is a small class and you will get a good guidance time for your project.

The frame needs to be in good condition. We may be able to repair a broken frame but it will take time.

Your own experience and abilities will help you towards a decision too.

It is important that you like your project piece.

The most successful pieces are dining chairs, piano stools, side chairs. But other pieces have been successful too.

Some upholstery work for instance springing and buttoning take time with repetitive tasks and you may need consider whether you are prepared or able to do some work at home. I am happy to loan the right tools. this could influence your decision about what to do.

Please contact me with any questions and I'll do my best to answer them. If you can send me a photo of your piece then that's great.